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Presentation of the project

projekt MC VET

Presentation of the project MC.VET: Microcredentials - A New Path for Capacity Building in VET

Facing the energy problems after the war and new ways of work and life due the Covid-19 restrictions, the EU direction of green and digital transitions seems even more urgent than ever before. The double transition, however, requires also individuals to upskill or reskill. 

While qualifications and degrees from initial education and training play a key role in Europe, alternative credentials, are increasingly seen as a way to add to, and/or reform, existing qualifications systems. Microcredentials (MCs) are frequently portrayed and promoted as a new way for individuals to build their own skills-profile (portfolio) by collecting and ‘stacking’ learning in a flexible way, at their own pace and according to their own priorities. The general objective of the project is to reinforce the link between EU and non-EU countries of South-East Europe (Western-Balkans) through the analysis and definition of MCs in VET in order to support the relevance, accessibility and responsiveness of VET institutions and systems to changes on the labour market. Partners will define the MSc in partner countries and try to apply a common definition with standards and key principles for their design including their portability. Based on the definition, partners will design a joint course in from of a MC in the sector of engineering, specifically in 3D printing technology with a strong integration of employers in the design of learning outcomes. 

The new joint course will be tested in each country on a sample of VET students and learners with an accompanying mobility of VET teachers and trainers in the form of a Train the trainer event. During the definition and design of the MCs, partners will have peer-learning activities (PLA) with a large number of VET teachers, trainers and experts in order to share experiences and knowledge about MC and their development, curriculum design, and integration of employers in the development process in VET.

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