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Presentation of the project

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Combined learning model for secondary vocational education in mechanical engineering and development of competences of students and teachers for digital education.

Teachers face the challenge of providing quality teaching in traditional and remote forms. We expect them to adapt their work methods and didactic approaches to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.
To do this, they need appropriate content, didactic and digital support, a modern learning model and digital tools and platforms.
By developing interactive learning content and establishing a digital learning environment, the project addresses the need to develop new teaching and learning practices for work, further education and lifelong learning.

The Academy of Combined Learning-AcademyCOLE is co-financed by Norway, with the resources of the Norwegian Financial www.norwaygrants.si and www.norwaygrants.org
More about the project: https://www.academycole.si/en/.

The main objective of the project is to create a digital learning environment based on institutional integration at several levels of professional education and the economy, including international integration, with a view to digitising teaching, developing new teaching and learning practices and promoting skills and competences in education.
The cornerstone of the environment is a combined learning model that effectively exploits the digital learning platform and digital tools for its implementation.
The project is intended to strengthen human resources.

• Developed a combined learning model for digital teaching and an upgraded digital platform to support the implementation and use of digital tools.
• Developed interactive teaching materials (teacher's manual, textbooks for students).
• A network of institutional partners is established.
• Trained teachers and multipliers.
• Pilot implementation and mutual learning activities carried out in 6 school centres in Slovenia.
• Developed 7 intellectual effects (5 teaching materials for students and 2 teacher manuals).
• Modular design of the platform, which will allow the reuse of content both in the framework of secondary professional education (SSI) mechanical engineering, as well as in other professional fields and education programmes.
• Ability to upgrade the digital platform with new functional approaches.
• 9 mutual learning activities carried out (6 training sessions and 3 mutual learning activities).
• Promotion of the project through round tables, conferences, digital media, special websites. Publications of information in various media. Information on project funders.
• Exchange of good practices, including through the transfer of knowledge from the Norwegian education system to the Slovenian space (result of a study visit in Norway).
• Analysis of the material in terms of the effectiveness of the methods.


THE PROJECT LASTS from 1. 6. 2022 to 30. 4. 2024

The Combined Learning Model for Secondary Vocational Education in Mechanical Engineering and the Development of Competences of Students and Teachers for Digital Education is co-financed by Norway with funding from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism of EUR 823.296. The aim of the project is to develop an innovative hybrid model for education in professional programs in the field of mechanical engineering.
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