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Intellectual output IO2


What makes a successful transfer of a framework to school syllabus? How should the content of a didactic framework be created? What is compulsory?

“The most ‘painful’ part in the process from applying theory into school praxis is to have as background - a good framework” according to dr. Lorena Mihelač from the School center Novo mesto, Slovenia, the leading partner in the intellectual output IO2.

What makes a framework a good framework, are the years being involved in the school process, knowledge how the school system works, what could be and what is not achievable from the perspective of teaching staff and students, and of course, experience about gamification and its implementation into the school syllabus.

We had several meetings with partners, tried to figure out how the framework should be conceptualized, and after a pile of proposals managed finally to define the content. Our “Didactic Methodology Framework GAMEST” takes in account (i) all the achievements from already gamified projects in VET schools as also in primary schools, (ii) outlines the results from different scientific papers dealing with gamification, (iv) clarifies in an understandable way the terminology in the area of gamification, and (v) proposes some learning approaches which have shown to “work” in the school environment.

It has to be understood, that there is no “best recipe”, as there is always a better one… Each framework can be improved, which is also very true for our proposed “Didactic Methodology Framework GAMEST”. How, which parts, what could be added (or removed) will be known after implementing this framework in VET schools. At the moment, we partners included in GAMEST, are proud of our achievement, and very excited and eager to show it as much as possible to VET schools (maybe also to primary schools). The ‘grand finale’ and the real finalization of this output IO2 will be the feedback about this framework.

framework picture Link to the Didactic Methodology framework: IO2_FRAMEWORK - final.pdf

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