School centre Novo mesto

We are aware that apart from knowledge young people need the environment which makes them feel safe, enables them to build their personalities independently and teaches them to recognize their wishes and set their goals. Thus we are setting up a school which emphasizes quality knowledge transfer and understands the needs of young people who are training for different professions.

We are trying to become a school where teachers and students work together for the common goal: create the school where students learn for life.

Matej Forjan, B.S.


School center Novo mesto
112 Šegova Street
8000 Novo mesto


00386 7 39 32 100


Matej Forjan - tel.: 00386 7 39 32 120

Mateja Becele - tel.: 00386 7 39 32 122
Vesna Štrucelj - tel.: 00386 7 39 32 122

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