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Second mobility of students and teachers to Italy

From the 16th - 19th of May 2022, 9 students and 3 teachers attended the second mobility to Italy. All the activities were organized by the Italian school "Istituto Professionale per l'agricoltura e lo sviluppo rurale "Giustino Fortunato". It was an extremely positive experience for all the involved students and teachers, and a lot of new knowledge will be certainly possible to apply in the future work of our students (e.g., impact of wheat on health, impact of genetical manipulated wheat, healthy bread ...).


Day 1 (16.5.2022):
9.00 - welcome meeting at school G. Fortunato in Potenza;
9.30 visit of the school
11:30 - Visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Basilicata "Dinu Adamesteanu- Potenza
12.30 - visit of the Cathedral and historic center of the city of Potenza;
13:30 - lunch c/ o restaurant "cruscos" of Potenza
15.30 -laboratory activity c/ o "oven sisters Palese" of Potenza
18.30 - laboratory activities stages of preparation and tasting of the typical pizza lucana c/ o restaurant "cruscos" of Potenza

Day 2: Sant'Arcangelo School (17.5.2022):
9:00 welcome meeting and illustration of the activities
9:30 Visit of laboratories and outdoor spaces
10.30: visit of the convent of Santa Maria d'Orsoleo with guided tour by the students
13.00 Lunch at the school canteen
14:30 Departure to the De Marco oven, and relative bakery
18:00 - Return to Potenza

Day 3 (18.5.2022):
9.30: Departure for Matera
11.00: Visit to a typical bakery "Panificio San Giacomo" of the city of Matera
13:00 Packed lunch prepared by the school
15:30 Panoramic and cultural visit of the city of Matera
19:00 Dinner - buffet in a typical restaurant of the city of Matera
20:30 Return to Potenza

Day 4: School of Lagopesole (19.5.2022):
9:00 – welcome meeting
9:30 - visit of the laboratories
10:30 - workshop: "From selection to packaging: illustration of the 7 phases of the pasta production cycle"
- Walk to discover one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy: "LAGOPESOLE";
- Visit with tasting, to the bakery "SECCI" of Lagopesole;
- Visit (externally because in renovation), the Castle of Frederick II - Lagoposole

13:30 - lunch at typical restaurant in Lagopesole
15:00 - visit "Azienda agraria vitivinicola" - Barile
16:30 - Winery visit "Solagna del Principe - Barile
17:30 - return to Potenza

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