Piškotke uporabljamo, da lahko bolje zagotavljamo naše storitve ter vam nudimo najboljšo možno uporabniško izkušnjo. Več o tem

First mobility of students and teachers to ŠCNM

From the 5th until the 8th of October, ŠCNM hosted the students and teachers from Italy and Romania


Day 1 of 1st mobility - Slovenia, 5th - 8th October 2021
We started with introductions, presentations of Slovenia, Šolski center Novo mesto, projects and hosting students. The day rounded with a tour of Novo mesto.
Welcome again to Srednja zdravstvena in kemijska šola Novo mesto, Šolski center Novo mesto.

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Baking workshops of traditional Slovenian dish ‘potica’, microscoping of wheat seeds and observing yeast fermetation were the activities of today’s mobility. We finished the day with tasting the mouthwatering ‘poticas’. They all were perfect / perfetto / perfect! 

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Today we visited the souh-eastern part of Slovenia, White Carniola. We observed the baking of traditional bread ‘Belokranjska pogača’, seen different types of treshers and a diesel machine, walked through the city of Metlika and visited the Lanscape Park Lahinja where we learned about the cultural, historical and natural heritage of White Carniola.

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On the last day of the first mobility we have been dancing, playing football, sharing secrets and exchanging gifts and souvenirs. ❤️

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