School`s vision and mission

The mission of the College is to deliver higher education programs and to provide professional and employable graduates to the business and service sectors. Through close cooperation with employers, it follows the needs of the labor market by constantly updating its teaching and professional work.

To constantly affirm the reputation of a quality and recognized higher vocational college, which, with its focus on excellence of studies and the quality of professional and development work, is an important factor in the development of the economy and the service sector in the local and global space.

The Vocational College slogan:
A school with tradition and quality for a great future.

All activities of the College are based on the following values:
  • responsibility
  • quality
  • respect
  • cooperation
  • innovation and creativity
  • knowledge and expertise
  • adaptability and responsiveness
  • trust
  • honesty
  • efficiency.

Strategic orientations:

  • Excellence in study
  • Student satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Professional and development excellence