A guide to identify places and services within the school.

The canteen   
Students can eat at the school canteen or at the canteen of the student residence, where they can get breakfast, dinner and supper.  They can also find other catering services, such as a snack – bar  offering a  variety of hot and cold sandwiches,  vending machines, and a fast-food restaurant.  
The canteen is spacious and welcoming, which means it can seat up to 300 people. It serves hot and cold dishes, freshly made pizza and hot-dogs.
Opening times: Mon.-Fri. 9.00 to 15.00

The student residence 
Student dormitory in Novo Mesto is located twenty minutes' walk from the city center and  800 meters from the bus and railway stations.  

There are 170 beds in single, double and three-beds  rooms.
  •   mini kitchenette with basic equipment
  •   parking space
  •   free internet access
  •   sports facilities designed for recreation
  •   laundry
  •   catering available
  •   Library with reading room
  •   billiard room
  •   table football
  •   social space for reading magazines and listening to music
Leon Štukelj -  sports hall
Sports facilities designed for recreation.
In addition to the sports hall  some other sports facilities and outdoor excercises are available:
  •  athletic track 4 x 300 m
  •  three basketball courts,
  •  two courts for handball,
  •  two volleyball courts
  •  track for long jumps