International relations

Erasmus and LDV coordinator:
Alexia Rossi
Tel. 00386 7 393 2 192  

Our school welcomes foreign students as well as teachers and organises activities under the European Community projects Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci. We cooperate with schools and universities, with enterprises and institutions to develop educational and research-oriented projects.
We encourage students and teachers to try new and challenging experiences making them understand the precious  benefits they can  get from the meeting with other cultures.  
The international relations office provides services that range from simple administrative tasks to a professional project management.

Our main activities in the field of international cooperation are:
  1. To apply and implement EU development projects as a pilot school or as a partner: We have a very long experience both as a pilot school and as a partner. We established a permanent network of many EU and non EU - partner schools. This cooperation takes place within the framework of international projects, exchange of experiences between lecturers, students work placement in companies and in the organisation of seminars and conferences. We develop new programmes according to the market needs and compare our existing educational programs with other schools.
  2. To encourage what we call EUROPRAKSA  (work placement abroad).
  3. The acronyme used by our school is very popular among students who want to accomplish their work placement abroad.
  4. To welcome students from other EU or non-EU countries for work placement in Slovenian companies or in our school. Since 1998 we organise the work placement for students for three weeks, three- or six-month work experiences, in different enterprises and institutions.To facilitate student mobility and the recognition of  the work placement abroad, we have adopted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). 
  5. To organise and participate in conferences at international  level. We are able to organise conferences at international level, we participate in many conferences as a result of research-oriented projects.  
  6. To welcome teachers and delegations from other EU or no-EU countries. We can prepare tailored programmes for your visits at our school and companies. We welcome teachers able to give lessons to our students in English or German.

Some of our partners:

IUT de CACHAN – Paris France


VITALIS – Leipzig Germany



TWING GROUP –London – Great Britain

MERCEDES BENZ –Stuttgart - Germany