At Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering, the following study programmes are carried out:
  • Assistant in Technological Processes (2 years, ending with Final Examination)
  • Installer of Machine Installations (3 years, Final Examination)
  • Metal Shaper – Toolmaker (3 years, Final Examination) – regular and apprenticeship model of education
  • Vehicle Body Repairer (3 years, Final Examination)
  • Car Mechatronic (3 years, Final Examination)
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanic (3 years, Final Examination) – regular and apprenticeship model of education
  • Industrial Mechanic (3 years, Final Examination) – regular and apprenticeship model of education
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician (4 years, Vocational Matura Exam/2 years, after completing Final Examination and 3-year programme, ending with Vocational Matura Exam)
  • Technician of Mechatronics (4 years, Vocational Matura Exam)
  • Automotive Service Technician (2 years, after completing Final Examination and 3-year programme, ending with Vocational Matura Exam)
There are around 700 students in 31 classes and more than 60 teachers and other staff.
All study programmes consist of general knowledge subjects, professional theoretical subjects and practical subjects taught in specialised classrooms and workshops. We provide a variety of extra-curricular activities for students, such as mountaineering, athletics, theatrical performances, concerts and competitions in general knowledge and professional skills. We organise a two-day excursion for final years to Vienna, a two-day team building sporting excursion to Osilnica for first years, and a week-long school-in-nature trip covering a range of subjects for second years.

Students are encouraged to take part in competitions ranging from general subjects (Maths, English, Physics, Geography, History, Technical Drawing) to professional skills competitions such as Young Car Mechanic of Slovenia (as individuals and as a team). Every year, we organise a New Year concert, and at the end of the school year, a Key Ceremony, in which final years symbolically hand over the key of the school to their successors – the winner is determined through a series of fun tasks, devised by students.

Classes are held in well-equipped classrooms with modern interactive whiteboards, computers and projectors all of which have internet connectivity. Practical lessons are held in specialised classrooms and workshops. All study programmes include working practice in companies, ranging from two weeks per school year at the very least, with apprenticeship education model including spending half of each school year in a working environment. This is how students acquire knowledge and work experience in real-life working conditions.

We work closely with the local community and local companies. We try to encourage our students empathy and awareness through various activities of the Student Body Organization.


Our vision is to establish a high-quality, well-equipped school, one of the leading schools in the field of mechanical engineering in our country and beyond, as well as a respected partner to the companies in this field. We aim towards a creative learing environment, based on respectful relations, caring for each individual and developing environmental awareness in our students and staff.


In previous academic years, we participated in the following projects.
  • Erasmus+  On-the-job training
    The aim is to enable students to do on-the-job training (for 2 or 3 weeks) in one of European countries. The training can be a stepping-stone to getting a job or furthering their career in Slovenia or the EU.
  • Erasmus+ skillME
    The purpose of the project is to foster the co-operation between the companies and educational organizations in terms of solving specific problems in an area of knowledge (students) and shaping the curriculum in the field (teachers).
  • KA2 – Math for daily life 
    The project targets the idea of applying mathematics into everyday life, with students solving tasks and problems related to specific real-life situations, placed in the environment of the host country/city.
Due to Covid-19 situation, most of projects have understandably been put on hold.



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